Each project can have one or more project executives. If you are a project executive you have the option to mark email that you file for that project as confidential

Confidential email can be seen only by other project executives on that project and the individuals who were recipients of that email.
Note: the organization-level admins in TonicDM are able to see all email for every project.



How To

1. If you have executive access to the project (as described above) you will have an option to switch conversations to Confidential when you hold the mouse over an email in the Outlook sidebar.

Note: Email that is Confidential is shown with the briefcase icon in the left margin.

2. If you have executive access to the project (as described above) you will have the Confidential option when filing email. Turn this on when filing with the green button if you want to hide the filed email from staff who don't have executive access.

3. If you name a folder "confidential" in Outlook, anything dropped in that folder will be set to Executive Access Only when it is filed in TonicDM.

In the example below, emails dropped into the 17-055 Sky High Murals folder and its sub-folders will all file into the 17-055 project in TonicDM, but only the emails dropped into confidential and Confidential will be set to Executive Access Only.

Staff in the To, From or CC of an email, plus staff with Executive Access on the project, and the TonicDM Administrators for your organization will all be able to see these emails in TonicDM.

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Changing Access to Confidential Email

This role-based security is works well because if the people with project executive status on a project are changed, the access to the email filed as confidential on the project automatically changes too.  

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Example: The Project Changes PMs

Sarkis is moving to a new project and Naomi is replacing him. Naomi is already a Project Team member (because when emails are filed, recipients are automatically added to the project team, and Naomi has already been on project emails).
Sarkis assigns project executive status to Naomi. This gives Naomi the ability to file email as confidential on the project, and also gives her access to all emails previously filed as confidential.
Sarkis and Naomi both maintain project executive status while they transition, then he unassigns project executive status from himself. He will no longer be able to file new emails as confidential on this project but he will continue to see confidential emails that originally included him (because confidential emails in TonicDM are shown to the people who originally had access to them in Outlook) but he will not be able to see confidential emails that did not originally include him.

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