People from your organization on your Project Team can be either: staff or project executives.

What Can Project Executives Do?

Project executives can file project email as confidential.
Project executives can see project email that has been filed as confidential.

How are Project Executives Assigned?

There are several ways people can become project executives:

  • If a project is created manually, the person creating the project is added to the team and given executive access status.
  • If a project is created automatically (eg. from your accounting or CRM system), people associated with the project in that system can be given project executive status.
  • Your organization's TonicDM Administrators can assign people to executive access status.

The Team List as seen by your organization's TonicDM Administrators:

In the image above, Roberta is part of Pacific Architects but has not signed up for a TonicDM Account, therefore she cannot be given executive access status.

When the Team List is viewed by someone who is not one of your organization's TonicDM Administrators, the Executive Access status is not editable.

Example: The Project Manager moves to a new project

Sarkis is moving to a new project and Naomi is replacing him. Naomi is already a Project Team member (because when emails are filed, recipients are automatically added to the project team, and Naomi has already been on project emails).
The IT department assigns project executive status to Naomi. This gives Naomi the ability to file email as confidential on the project, and also gives her access to all emails previously filed as confidential.
Sarkis and Naomi both maintain project executive status while they transition, then IT unassigns project executive status from Sarkis.

  • On this project he will no longer be able to file emails as confidential.
  • He will continue to see confidential emails that originally included him (because confidential emails in TonicDM are shown to the people who originally received them in Outlook) 
  • He will not be able to see any confidential emails that did not originally include him.
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