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Why Use Drop Folders?

Do you need to file a group of email at once?
Do you have past email that you'd like to import into TonicDM?

Filing emails one by one isn’t practical for large set of email, so setting up a drop folder can help. It’s also nice if you sort your project email into Outlook sub-folders already, since with this workflow, all your email will be filed automatically.

How To

Simply create a sub-folder in Outlook and give it a name that starts with your exact project number. Now move emails into that folder and voila! they'll be automatically filed in that project.

When you drag emails into the drop folder, it can take up to 5 minutes for
the system to detect them and start filing.

Sub-folders under the folder which is named with the project number will file too.  In the image below, emailed moved into the "Client" and "Lobby Lighting" folders will be filed in the 17-013 project.


Using an Existing Folder

Ensure the existing folder name starts with your exact project number, then click the boxing glove next to the project name in the Outlook sidebar, as shown.
This will trigger all the email in that folder to filed into TonicDM. 


Creating a Folder for use with TonicDM

If you'd like TonicDM to create a folder for you, mouse-over the project name as shown above, then click the folder icon.
TonicDM will create a folder in your Outlook mailbox with the number and name.


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Be careful with sub-numbers! Projects in TonicDM typically don't include a sub-number. Please check the project number in the TonicDM sidebar to confirm the number you'll use to name your folder.

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