When returning Submittals, it is useful to record the option that was chosen on the submittal stamp in the PDF.

Each organization has different wording for these options, so TonicDM allows you to pre-configure the options that your Organization uses.

Organization Defaults

Each new project will inherit the organization defaults. The TonicDM Administrator can configure these defaults on the organization settings page.

Project-level Settings

The Submittal Action list is on the Project Settings page. Scroll down to the Construction Administration settings.

Click on the Submittal Action List box

Click once on the Submittal Action List box to display the list of preconfigured options, then select from the drop-down list. 

Start typing to find the option you're looking for.

In general, the options you need will be available in the preconfigured list.
Only if the option you need is not in the preconfigured list, use the add link to add it.

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