There are two reasons why the TonicDM email filing button might be grayed out or missing entirely.

  • You must have an email selected in Outlook. The button will be grayed out if you have a conversation selected or a grouping title.

  • You must have the Preview Pane open. 

In the newest versions of Outlook, the TonicDM button will be missing entirely if an email is not selected. 



For Enterprise IT Professionals

Web add-ins require an O365 mailbox on the cloud. Please check that the mailbox which is currently selected is an O365 mailbox on the cloud.

For staff member with multiple mailboxes mounted: There are two ways to mount additional mailboxes. Both methods are functionally equivalent, but TonicDM only works with one of the methods. See this article for details.

TonicDM is not compatible with Shared Mailboxes. To work with TonicDM these must be upgraded to paid Office 365 accounts.

The error message received when attempting to file from a Shared Mailbox is:

You cannot perform this action. This add-in scenario is not supported in this folder.

To fix this problem, the mailbox needs to be upgraded to a paid Office 365 user.

Optional connected experiences must be turned on in the user's Office account. Look in File — Office Account — Account Privacy Manage Settings — All Connected Experiences.

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