Copy-typing incoming RFIs and submittals is no fun. Now you can auto-populate the TonicDM incoming RFI and submittal forms from your GC's notification email.

This flexible system is intended for use with GCs who are not using Procore.  

How To

First request that the GC add your Project Email Address to their distribution list.

The Project Email Address is shown at the bottom of the sidebar.

Future incoming RFIs and submittals will now appear in the sidebar on the Log New Incoming RFI and Log New Incoming Submittal pages.

Clicking Use on an email shown in the sidebar will enter the date, subject, message and attachments into the form. You can fill in the other fields as desired. 

If there is an email shown in the side that will not be used to log an incoming RFI or submittal, click Hide to remove it from the list.  

Logging Responses from Consultants

This system can also be used for logging responses from consultants who are not using TonicDM. If the consultant CC's the Project Email Address on their replies to you, their email will appear in the sidebar and can be used in the Log Response to Forward pages.

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