Filing emails one by one isn’t practical for large sets of email. Our new folder filing feature lets you drag any number of emails to a folder in Outlook and have them filed automatically.


How To

Create a sub-folder in Outlook with a name that starts with your exact project number. Now move emails into that folder and voila! they'll automatically be filed in that project.

When you move emails into a folder, it can take up to 10 minutes for the system to detect them and start filing, and it can take 15 minutes or more for filing to complete.



Using an Existing Folder

Ensure the existing folder name starts with your exact project number, then click the boxing glove next to the project name in the Outlook sidebar, as shown:

Note: The folder icon next to the glove can be used to auto-create a folder in your Outlook if you don't already have one for that project.



Emails moved to a sub-folder (for example the "Client" folder in the image above) will be filed into the project in TonicDM as expected, but in TonicDM they will not be in a sub-folder.

There are no limits on how many emails can get filed in a folder.

You don’t need to have the TonicDM sidebar open for folder filing to work. Just the action of moving an email to an Outlook folder will trigger the email filing process. For example, if you’re using Outlook on a mobile phone and move an email into a folder, we will detect this and do the filing just as if you’d dragged it into the folder using Outlook on your PC or Mac.
You will see the colored dot on emails in the folder once they have been filed, but there is no indication that filing is in progress. After dropping an email into a folder, please wait 10 minutes before checking to see if the colored dots have appeared. If a folder has hundreds of emails in it, filing could take longer than 10 minutes to fully complete.
If you DON’T want an Outlook folder auto filed into TonicDM, please ensure the folder name DOESN’T start with a project number before dropping any emails into it!

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