This article is intended for IT professionals at large firms.

TonicDM provides a quick and flexible way to automatically create and update projects.

Implementing this system requires an accounting or ERP system that can automatically send an email each time a new project is created.

As examples, Deltek Vision and Microsoft Dynamics both include this feature.
Deltek Ajera does not.
If your organization has created it's own system for managing new projects, it will be relatively simple to extend it to also create and update projects in TonicDM.





TonicDM allows you to send us new or updated project information by email. When we receive a correctly formatted email our system will immediately create or update that project in your TonicDM account.

The email must be sent to a specific email address at TonicDM. Contact TonicDM Support for your organization's unique email address.

The subject and body of the email must be formatted in a specific way. See below for instructions.

Once you have implemented this system  you can turn off the ability for staff to manually create projects. Please contact TonicDM Support about this.




How To Create Projects

Format the email as described below:

Put the special email address in either the To or CC field.
Put "New Project" in the subject.
Put the template below in the body.

Project Number:   your firm's project number
Project (Long) Name:   the full official name of the project
Project (Short) Name:   the friendly name used by staff in the office
Office:   for firms with multiple offices: the name of your office managing this project (it must match a "location" in TonicDM)

All lines in the body are optional, except Project (Long) Name

You can add additional text to the subject of the email (as long as it begins with "New Project"), and you can add additional text into the body of the email (as long as the lines shown above exist). This allows you to craft a single email that is suitable to be sent to the project team and TonicDM.



Notifying the Project Team

You can also send this email to the project team to let them know the project has been created. Just add them to the To and CC field of the email.

Alternatively, many firms already automatically send an email to relevant staff members when a new project is created. In most cases all you need to do is add the special TonicDM email address to the list of recipients and perhaps adjust the wording in the email body to match TonicDM's requirements.




Managing Executive Access

People who are added to the To field of the email will automatically be added to the Project Team with Executive Access.

Please ensure that staff who should not receive Executive Access are in the CC field.




Example Email


New Project: Springfield Bank

Hi Team,
The project you requested has been created!

Project Number: 18-021
Project (Long) Name: Bank of the South Processing Center, Springfield

This is the friendly name. Please let accounting know if you want it changed.
Project (Short) Name: Springfield Bank




How To Update Projects

Updating projects uses the same technique as above. This is typically used when your project numbering changes between project phases and you want the data to remain with the project.

Note: Only updating the Project Number is supported at this time. Please contact support for more information.

Put the special email address in either the To or CC field.
Put "Change Project" in the subject.
Put the template below in the body.

Old Project Number:   your firm's existing project number
New Project Number:   the updated project number



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