If a project is internally confidential, you can lock it so only staff who are active on the Project Team (and your organization's TonicDM Administrators) can access it: everyone else in your organization is locked out.

Lock a Project on the Project Settings Page

On the Project Settings page you can see whether or not a project is locked. 

This setting can only be changed by your TonicDM Administrators or by TonicDM Support.

Note: the text "This setting can only be changed by" will let you know who in your organization can change this setting.

Knowing When a Project is Locked 

If a project is locked and you are not an active team member, you'll see a red locked symbol. You cannot access this project.

If you are an active team member, you'll see a green unlocked symbol, meaning the project is locked but you have access to it.

If the project is not locked, no symbol is shown. Anyone in your organization can access this project.

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