In your Okta Admin panel, click Add Application,


then click the green Create New App button. In the pop-up select SAML and then Create.

For the App name, type TonicDM.
For the logo, paste this text as the filename:
then click the Upload Logo button. Click Next.

In the SAML Settings, enter:

  1. Single sign on URL:

  2. Audience URI (SP Entity ID):

  3. Name ID format: EmailAddress

Download the Okta Certificate.


------ Optional ------

Under Show Advanced Settings check Allow application to initiate Single Logout.
Single Logout URL:
SP Issuer:
You must also upload a certificate (refer to Okta help).




In the Attribute Statements section, assign parameters for TonicDM to your organization's Okta parameters.
firstName user.firstName
lastName user.lastName

   NOTE: the capitalization (eg. firstName) is critical.

------ Optional ------

TonicDM can optionally accept additional parameters which enhance the auto-creation of your users' profiles. Only add these TonicDM parameters if your organization has a matching Okta parameter.






Finish creating the TonicDM application.

On the Application page, assign users to TonicDM, then email the certificate you downloaded and the Identity Provider Metadata to

The remaining set up must be done by TonicDM. We will notify you when this is complete.

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