This article is intended for system administrators at large companies.

Executive Access can be assigned to specific staff on a project-by-project basis, and allows them to choose which project emails are confidential, and it allows them to view any emails on that project which have been set as confidential.

The intention is that Executive Access assignment will be automated, and thus little to no effort for system administrators.

How to automate Executive Access assignment 

You can automate new project creation in TonicDM: when a new project is entered into your ERP system (eg. Deltek, Dynamics etc) an email will be sent to your organization's special email address at TonicDM. This email causes the project to be created in your TonicDM project list. 

If the Principal and PM (and/or other project leadership positions) are assigned to the project in your ERP system, you can put them in the To line of the email. This way

  • those project leaders get alerted that the project is now live in ERP

  • the project gets created in Tonic

  • and the Principal and PM will be assigned Executive Access in Tonic. 

If you like, you could add the other people listed in your ERP system to the CC of the email, in which case they will receive the New Project email and be added to the team in Tonic (but won't get Executive Access).

How to manually manage Executive Access

Executive Access can be managed on the Team page for a project in the Web App. People who are TonicDM Administrators can use the in the second column.

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