The TonicDM Outlook add-in can be pushed to staff based on groups using the Centralized Deployment feature in the Office 365 admin center.

When logged in as an Office 365 Admin:

  • Navigate to the Admin Center in Office 365.

  • Click SettingsIntegrated AppsAdd-insDeploy Add-In.



Enter the URL of the manifest:

Be sure to include the https:// even though the field indicates you don't need it!



Select who should have access. We recommend choosing Everyone at least until you know the deployment is working. 

Note: historically nested groups have not worked: the users must be members of the top-level group.

For Deployment Method select whether the add-in should be mandatory or optional. Optional would allow staff to remove the add-in from their Outlook. We recommend choosing Fixed.



The add-in will not appear immediately. We've found that it takes several hours for the add-in to appear in the Web version of Outlook ( and between several hours and several days to appear in the installed version of Outlook.



The add-in will now be listed in the Office 365 Admin Center. This is where you can modify settings, for example which staff the add-in is being deployed to.



Microsoft's full instructions for deploying add-ins is here: 

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