Ensure that you are in the relevant project and that the Files tab is selected.

Sending Files

Click the Upload and Send Files button.

The Send Files page is laid out similarly to an email.
A subject is required. A message is not required.
Add the contacts you wish to send this transfer to, and those you would like to CC.

Select the files you wish to send and wait for them to finish uploading.
You can drag-n-drop files into the special boxed area titled Drop Files Here.
Use the checkboxes to select individual files to remove them from the list.  

When you are ready, click Send Files to send the files.

Note: currently only the Chrome and Opera browsers support uploading folder structures. We will add support for other browsers as soon as those browsers support folder uploads.

The Recipients

The people you added to the To and CC list will receive a notification email with a handy download link. They can click the link and download all the files in a single Zip file.

If the recipient organization is a member of TonicDM, in addition to receiving the notification email, the file transfer will be logged in their organization's TonicDM account as an incoming transfer. See: How to Collaborate  


Upload and Download Activity

All sets of files sent and received for a particular project are shown in the project's Files table.

Click on the title of a file set to show a page with detailed information (including download activity) and links to download the files.

Alternatively, use the arrow in the left-most column to reveal a summary of the download events for this file set.

Repeat a Transfer

If you need to send a set of files to the same people as a previous transfer, use the repeat transfer link (circular arrow). This opens the "Upload and Send Files" form pre-populated with the Subject, Message and the To / CC fields.  


To send download reminders: 

  • Open the record of the File Transfer from the log on the Files page of your project. 
  • Check off the recipients you’d like to resend to and click the Resend Selected Email(s) button.


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