For designers, there are 4 actions that can be applied to RFIs and submittals:

  • Log a received RFI or submittal.
  • Forward this to one or more external reviewers (consultants).
  • Record the replies from the external reviewers (consultants).
  • Return the RFI or submittal.

As a designer handling RFIs and submittals, you are in the middle.

  • You will have people who forward RFIs and submittals to you.
  • You can then (optionally) forward it to other people.

So the diagram from any particular design team member's point of view always looks like this:

Of course things can get more complex, for example: 

  • While you can only receive a particular RFI or submittal from one person, you could forward it to multiple people.
  • Some submittals may be received or forwarded for reference only, and therefore may not require a return.
  • You could go back and forth with your consultants multiple times before you return the RFI or submittal.

In a large project with many participants, the review process could be complicated, but from any one participant's point of view, there are still only 4 possible actions: receive, forward, return of forward and return.

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