You can invite your project partners to collaborate with you on your TonicDM project.


Send out the Project Link

Go to your project Settings page by clicking the gear icon in the top left.

Copy the link under Collaborate with Other Organizations and send it to people you'd like to collaborate with. 

The link will walk them through creating a TonicDM account and connecting to your project.


Managing Permissions

Once they join the project, they will ONLY see items that you send to them; for example, if you send files to two companies but not them, they will not have access to those files. 

Why is this a good idea?  You never have to worry about who has access to what information: 

  • if you sent it to them they have it
  • if you didn't send it to them, they don't have it.

Similarly, your project partners can send things to you using TonicDM and those items will automatically be filed in your project. In this way, your organization will have a complete record of everything it has sent and received. 

Does it cost extra for our project partners to use TonicDM on our projects?  Your project partners get unlimited use of TonicDM on your project (this is covered by your TonicDM subscription).

What if my project partners need support for TonicDM?  Please direct them to us. We're happy to help them set up their account, learn to use the system, and answer any questions they have during the course of the project.

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