You can configure some basics in the project settings, but the only required setting is the project name.

Project Information

  • There are fields for official project name and friendly name. This lets you record both the official name of the project (matching your accounting system for example), as well as a shorter name that is used to refer to the project in everyday conversation.
    The official name is the one used by the system on transmittals and external communications, and the friendly name is used in most other cases.
  • Enter the project number if you have one. This can eliminate confusion and helps prevent duplicate projects being created.
  • Enter a project address, or select no address if the project is for an object like furniture, or is a prototype design intended for multiple sites. 


Submittal Action List and Default Numbers of Days

The submittal action list and default numbers of days don’t need to be set up in advance, but it’s a bit more streamlined if they are.

The submittal action list should match the options on your office’s submittal stamp.
Click in the box to display previously entered options. If the option you need is not available, you can click Add to add a new option.

Enter the default number of days you have to return RFIs and submittals and the default number of days your consultants have to return RFIs and submittals to you.
These values are used to pre-calculate dates when you are working with RFIs and submittals. These dates are always only offered as suggestions, but if you enter the most commonly used values here, you'll save yourself some manual calculating.

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