There is one contact list for your entire organization.
When you add or edit contacts, you add or edit them for everyone in your organization.

When you first use TonicDM, you may need to add contacts which are not in your organization's contact list. If you have a lot of contacts, please contact support and we'll help you export them from Outlook or Google and import them into TonicDM.


Using Contacts

Click in a contact field to show a list of all the organization's contacts. Start typing part of the person's name or email address to reduce the list, then select the contact.


Adding Contacts

If a required contact is not in the list, click Add New Contact to reveal the new contact form.
First enter the person's email address, then click Go.

TonicDM will guess their name from the email address, and choose their organization based on other contacts which share the same email domain. 

Click Add Person to create this contact.
The new contact can now be selected from the drop-down list as shown in "Using Contacts" above.

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