TonicDM is a bit different to other collaboration systems.

Each organization participating in the project is in control of their TonicDM involvement.

  • Other organizations on the project do not need to sign up for TonicDM. If they don't, they will get notifications by email and can download materials sent to them by clicking the link in the email.
  • If the other organizations sign up for TonicDM then in addition to the notification emails, materials sent to them will automatically be filed in the matching project in their TonicDM account. Materials they send back to you using TonicDM will automatically be filed in your matching project in your TonicDM account. This saves everyone a lot of record-keeping work. 


Matching Projects

The first time one organization using TonicDM sends something to another organization using TonicDM on a particular project, the receiving organization will be asked to choose the project in their TonicDM account to file the incoming item in.

This action creates a link (or "match") between your project and their project. In the future, anything sent between those two projects will be automatically filed. 

In this way, it will appear that the organizations on the project are all working together in a collaborative workspace, but each organization remains in control of their records and retains ownership of their project records even after the project is complete.

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