Use the Emailed Items feature to save data entry when collaborating with firms who don’t use TonicDM. 

  • Emails sent to your project email address will be available to populate RFI and submittal forms, saving you the effort of re-entering this information.
  • Ask your contractor and consultants to CC your project email address on topics regarding RFIs and submittals.


Emails sent to your project email address will appear in the sidebar on forms where you log incoming items. To open the sidebar, click the left-facing arrow on the right side of the page. 

Click   Use   next to the email you would like to have populate the form. This will fill the form fields with information from the email, including putting the attachments from the email into the file attachments of the form.

Emailed items will be removed from the sidebar when they are used, or you can click the   hide   link to manually remove an item.

To find the project email address for your project, go to a form (such as the Log New Incoming RFI form) and open the sidebar. The project email address will be shown. Click the address to copy it to the clipboard.

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