Your records in TonicDM belong to your organization and they don't go away at the end of your project. You don't need to download them "for the record" since that is what TonicDM is for.

You will need to download documents in order to open them in your software applications for editing. When you're doing this, you may want to keep the downloads in a structured way so you can refer back to them. These will be your working copies. If you want to refer back to the originals, you can always download another copy from TonicDM.

The Name of the Zip

Downloads from TonicDM are "zipped". The name of the Zip file is carefully structured. Most unzipping software will create a folder with the same name as the Zip file, then put the unzipped contents into it.

For example, the Zip downloads of RFIs and submittals are named like:
RFI/Sub Number   Date Time   Sending Organization   Receiving Organization

When you unzip this, contents of the Zip will be put in a folder called:

Suggested Folder Structure

If you unzip your downloads into a single folder, you will be able quickly scan for the transaction you need.

On large jobs you could use subfolders for groups of RFIs/submittals.

or have a folder where you put complete RFIs/submittals.

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