TonicDM Email filing requires Microsoft Office 365. If you don't see the buttons as expected below, please contact 


Email can be problematic for teams, but TonicDM let's you copy email from personal inboxes into a shared team environment where it becomes available to others in your organization and forms a project correspondence record should your organization need that in the future.

For instructions on installing the Outlook add-in, see Installing-the Outlook add-in.

Filing email into your project record

[ 1 ] In Outlook for PC or Mac, the add-in is a button on the toolbar.

[ 2 ] Use the pin to keep the sidebar open.

[ 3 ] Choose the project. If the required project is not shown, use Search for project to find it.

[ 4 ] Click File Selected Email. If you have been granted Executive Access on this project, you will have the option to file the email confidentially.

[ 5 ] Email can be filed automatically by CC'ing it to the project email address.

[ 6 ] The list of emails already filed is shown below the filters. Use the filters to narrow down which emails you'd like to see by date, attachments, organization involved or by search term.

[ 7 ] Click an email to open it, or click the delete icon to move it to the trash.

Outlook on the Web

In the Outlook web client the add-in is available when emails are being viewed. Please ensure a message is selected in your inbox.

In the new version of Outlook on the Web, TonicDM can be found under the ... on the Message Actions.

You may want to bring the TonicDM logo onto the message surface to make it more visible. You can do this in the Outlook Settings

Choose Customize Actions and scroll down to Message Surface, then turn on TonicDM. 

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