Do you have a TonicDM account?

You must be a TonicDM user before using the Add-in.
Go to and sign up for an account. After signing up be sure to connect your Office 365 account (look for the Connect to Office 365 button on your Home page).

Is Email Filing turned on for your organization?

Log into, open a project and see if you have an Emails tab.

If you don't see an Emails tab, please contact to enquire about the email filing functionality for your organization.


Have you connected your Office 365 account?

Log into your TonicDM account in a web browser and check your Home page. If there is a button saying Connect to Office 365, please click it.


Are you a member of a project team?

The projects that you are a team member on determines the list of projects that you can file an email in. If you are not on any project teams, then you will have no projects shown for email filing. 

To join a team, open the project on, click on Team in the top left menu, then add yourself to the team.

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