When an email is filed, TonicDM assigns it categories so that you can see which project it was filed into. By default the categories are white and so are not very visible.

To more easily see which emails have been filed, we suggest giving a color to the Filed in TonicDM category. This way you'll see a colored dot on filed emails.

Go to Categories - All Categories on the Outlook Home tab.

Add the Filed in TonicDM category and choose a color. Be sure to use the precise spelling shown here  [hint: Copy and Paste the text].

Now this color will show on all filed emails.


Outlook on Mac

Go to Categorize - Edit Categories on the Outlook Home tab.

After you have added the Filed in TonicDM category, you can choose a color by clicking the swatch.


Outlook on Web

Right click on an email and go to Categorize - Manage categories.

Use Filed in TonicDM for the name and choose a color.

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