These instructions are for small organizations where TonicDM was not preconfigured by an IT Department.

For best results, follow these instructions carefully. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email or using the chat icon in the bottom right of this page.
This process takes about 10 minutes.

Step 1:  Log into Office 365 in your web browser

Go to and sign into your company email account. If successful you'll see the web version of Outlook with your email.

If you can't sign in to  your firm might not have Office 365. TonicDM email filing only works with Office 365.



Step 2:  Create your TonicDM account

In a new tab of the same browser go to and enter your company email address to log in or sign up. Signing up only takes 2 minutes. If you don't receive your verification email, it may have been blocked by a spam filter. Please contact us and we'll send you another one. 

Step 3:  Connect TonicDM and Office 365

On your TonicDM Home page, click your initials in the top right, then switch on the Office 365 connection. Follow the prompts to complete the connection.



Step 4:  Load the TonicDM add-in into Outlook

You'll do this step in your browser, but the add-in will automatically appear in the toolbar on your Outlook for PC and your Outlook for Mac too.

Switch tabs back to the web version of Outlook.

In Outlook on the web, select an email message from your Inbox. Select ... for More Actions at the top right of the selected email message.  Go to the bottom of the drop down list and select Get Add-ins.

Select My add-ins, Add a custom add-in then Add from URL..
If you can't find a link for adding a custom add-in, please see your IT department.

Copy and paste the following URL  then click OK.

The TonicDM add-in is now installed for the Web, PC and Mac versions of Outlook.

In Outlook in your web browser, the TonicDM logo will appear as a small icon when you are reading an email. Click the icon to open the TonicDM sidebar.

When using the PC or Mac versions of Outlook, TonicDM appears as a large logo on the ribbon bar. 

That's It!

See Filing Project Email for more information.

To add new projects to TonicDM: go to your Home page on TonicDM ( and click + New Project.

Note: we can work with your firm to automatically add projects to TonicDM after they are added in your accounting or CRM system.

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