Does your office implement a project numbering scheme where the project number changes between project phases (for example, from BD/Marketing to being active in a studio)?

If you need to update the project number automatically when it changes in your accounting or ERP system, you can send us the updated project information in an email automatically generated by your accounting or ERP system. 

The email must be sent to a specific email address at TonicDM (contact TonicDM Support for your organization's unique email address) and the subject and body of the email must be formatted in a specific way. See below for instructions.

Note: Only updating the Project Number is supported at this time. Please contact support for more information.




Format the email as described below:

Put the special email address in either the To or CC field.
Put "Change Project" in the subject.
Put the template below in the body.

Old Project Number:   your firm's existing project number
New Project Number:   the updated project number

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