Your relationship to your own organization

All information in your organization’s account is accessible to, and only to, the members of your organization. 

Therefore your files, RFIs, submittals and other information can be seen by any other member of your organization. The exception to this are emails that have been filed as confidential. These are only visible to limited people in your organization. Remember: all information can be seen by your Organization Managers.

Your organization's relationship to other organizations that use TonicDM

At an organizational level, all information in your TonicDM account is private to your organization. Other organizations don't get to see your information. At the point you send information to another organization, we will deliver it to them in a one-time transaction. At that point you have copy of what you sent, and they have a copy of what they received.

Our relationship to you

We take your privacy seriously and will not give or sell your information to anyone (other than as required by law). Please read the full privacy statement at

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