By connecting TonicDM to Procore, you can import RFIs and submittals directly into TonicDM, allowing you to maintain your logs while still participating in the RFI and submittal workflows hosted on Procore.

1.  Linking your TonicDM account with your Procore account

Go to your My Settings page (under Settings in the top right of the TonicDM application).

  • Click "Connect Procore Account"
  • Log into Procore using your Procore user name and password.

You only need to do this once (regardless of how many projects you work on).

2.  Linking the TonicDM project with the contractor's Procore project

Go to the Project Settings page (under Settings in the top right of the TonicDM application).

  • Click "Connect Procore Project"
  • Select the appropriate project from the list of your Procore projects.

This only needs to be done by one person per project (so you don't need to do this if someone else on your team already has).

3.  Importing Procore data into TonicDM

Once your account and project have been linked to Procore, on the Log Incoming RFI and Log Incoming Submittal pages, you'll have access to Procore items from the sidebar.

  • Click Use next to the contractor's RFI or Submittal that you'd like to Import.
  • The data from the Procore RFI or submittal will be populated into the form (including attachments).
  • Edit any of the imported information if required.
  • Click the Log button to enter the RFI or submittal into your log.


4.  Importing Replies from Procore

If you are kicking off a project and you're loading previously completed RFIs from Procore, you can import the answer to an RFI from Procore into TonicDM.

First import the RFI, then click the Answer RFI button. At the top of the form where you would normally compose your answer, you'll find a link for importing the answer which is already in Procore.

This will pre-fill the form and attachments with the data in Procore.

Note: "Record the email addresses, but don't send any emails" will be checked, meaning that even though you click the Send Response button to record the answer, no emails will actually be sent. "Send answer to Procore" will be unchecked so you don't accidentally resubmit the answer a second time.

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