Use the following sample plan and materials to help ensure a successful transition for staff. TonicDM support can assist with these steps as required. 




1. Assess how staff currently manage email, file sharing and CA workflows

  • Do staff currently file email by project?

  • Which file sharing tools are currently in use (official and unofficial)?

  • What systems are used to track RFIs and submittals on projects (internal tracking and external collaboration systems)?




2. Determine your launch approach

  • Will TonicDM be deployed across the entire organization, or just certain offices/studios?

  • Will you shut down current workflows and enforce the use of TonicDM, or add TonicDM as another option?

  • What data should be migrated into TonicDM?

  • Will projects currently in CA continue with their current workflow or switch to TonicDM mid-project?




3. Define TonicDM protocols

  • One or more people in your organization can be TonicDM Administrators for your organization. TonicDM Administrators can see all confidential information, can lock and unlock projects, and have access to company-wide settings. Typically this level of access would be given only to people that already have a similar level of access on your internal network (eg. senior IT staff).

  • Within each project, some staff can have Executive Access which gives them access to confidential email on just that project. By default, who will be given Executive Access on projects?
    example one: the Project Principal and Project Manager on the project
    example two: all Senior Associates and Principals on the project




4. Set up TonicDM integrations

  • Determine if you'll integrate TonicDM with Active Directory. This takes only a few minutes and allows staff to use TonicDM with their Microsoft login credentials.

  • Determine if you'll integrate TonicDM with your accounting/ERP system (Deltek Vision, Microsoft Dynamics etc). This allows new projects to be created automatically in TonicDM and the default Executive Access to be assigned automatically.

  • Determine if you'll push the TonicDM button to Outlook from the Office 365 Admin Portal or have each user install the button themselves.

  • Determine if you'll install the TonicDM Add-in for Microsoft Teams which allows full functionality of TonicDM embedded into the project's Teams site.

  • Determine if you'd like to import a list of existing project names into TonicDM so they're available for staff to use.

  • Determine if you'd like to import previously filed emails for existing projects so they can be searched and viewed in TonicDM.




5. Communicate the change to staff

  • Inform internal leaders about the changes so they are prepared to discuss TonicDM with their staff. Ensure they understand how workflows will change and know where to find information within TonicDM.

  • Some of the biggest workflow changes will be with CA. Ensure TonicDM has been discussed with construction professionals in your organization to ensure they know what to expect and how TonicDM will impact them.

  • Determine the type and schedule of on-boarding sessions. TonicDM Support can help with a combination of live and pre-recorded options to suit the needs of staff.

  • Announce TonicDM to staff.




6. Run On-boarding Sessions and email campaign

  • Launch TonicDM with on-boarding sessions which introduce staff to TonicDM, describing what they will use TonicDM for and how they can access help if needed.




7. Reinforce usage by sharing best practices and success stories

  • Follow up meetings with CA professionals to monitor how workflow changes are impacting them.





TonicDM support can help with all stages of planning and deployment. For your convenience we've included self-help materials here, but please feel free to contact us for assistance.



Instructions for integrating AAD with TonicDM
Instructions for integrating your accounting or ERP system with TonicDM
Instructions for pushing the Outlook Add-in to staff

Instructions for installing the TonicDM Add-in for Microsoft Teams 

For importing lists of projects and contacts, please contact TonicDM support.



Sample Email: Introducing TonicDM to your Office

Hello all,
Over the next few weeks we are implementing TonicDM (, a project email management and archiving solution to better manage the ocean of emails that we all receive. The system is easy to use and integrates with Outlook.

The use of TonicDM is mandatory for all new projects. For current projects its adoption is optional but strongly encouraged. Small group online training sessions will be scheduled starting on ### and continuing through ###. It is important that you attend one of these sessions.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Sample Email: Sample On-boarding Announcement Email

Hello all,
Please attend a 30 minute session to learn how to file your email by project using TonicDM. 

Day ## Month ##am  
Day ## Month ##pm
Day ## Month ##am  

Please click this link to sign up for the session you wish to attend.

A calendar invite with details will be sent to you when you register. The sessions are offered through Zoom so you’ll join using your computer at your desk. You can listen/speak using a headset plugged into your computer or you can dial in on your phone. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

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