You can create as many TonicDM projects as you need. Create one TonicDM project for each of your design projects… but be  careful not to create duplicates! If you'd like to import a list of projects, please contact support and we can do that for you.


Email Filing

If your organization has Microsoft Office 365, you can use the TonicDM Outlook sidebar to manage your email. Filing project email into TonicDM enables it to become a resource for your project team and a long-term record for the organization.

Send Files and Folders

TonicDM is the easy way to share large files and folders. Everything is logged in a project space belonging to your firm, so your team can all be on the same page, and stay organized automatically.

RFI and Submittal Logging

TonicDM is a flexible RFI and submittal logging system, with the option to collaborate with project partners as necessary. Keep track of status, and download logs to Excel as required.


Recipients can receive your information whether or not they are a TonicDM user, but if you’re collaborating with firms who also use TonicDM, there will be less redundant data entry required.


As always, if you have any questions just send us an email or chat. We’re always happy to hear from you.

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